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All You Need to Know About mSpy

There is a need to monitor the internet activity of those people under you. But isn’t monitoring someone’s internet activity lack of trust? Well, it is not lack of trust but presence of love. You shouldn’t watch someone you love kill themselves simply because you trust them. It is also crucial that you know where your children are at any given time.

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MSpy is a convenient cell phone tracking software that can be easily downloaded and installed on a tablet or compatible smartphone. This software can be installed on Android Phones, Ipad and iPhone, Nokia Phones and BlackBerry.

How it Works

Once the software is installed on the remote device, it starts recording all the activities and uploads the data into an online account. You can then log into the account from any place and view all the activities recorded.

Features of mSpy

  • The software lets you read all both incoming and outgoing text messages. You will know when your child is in bad company or being bullied.
  • Tracks location via GPS. You can monitor the location of the tracked phone in real time using Google maps.
  • The software provides you with all the internet activity of the tracked phone. You can even read the sent and received emails.
  • MSpy will also give you the opportunity to view all the photos and videos on the tracked phone. Any photo taken by fsdfsdfsfsfthe target phone is automatically downloaded to your account.
  • Restrict Incoming Call and Website blocking. This feature allows you to block any call from any number to the target phone. You can also block access to any website of your choice.
  • It has a Keylogger. You can capture any typed text like login information. This feature is currently only available to Android users.
  • Access to address book and calendar. You can access all the booked events and the contacts of the target phone very easily.
  • You can also delete the app from your end if you decide to stop phone tracking.


You will need to have the target mobile device on your hand to install the software. It only takes around ten minutes.


It is illegal to use this software for the invasion of privacy. Consult your lawyer to know who can use this software. If you decide to use this software for your kids, know that it is for the best, and you are simply protecting them from the corruption of the world.…

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