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Google Takes Down Terror-related App From Playstore

Google takes down terror-related app from playstore. Taliban and other terror groups have taken advantage of the internet in recent times to spread fear as well as lure young people to join them. This has seen various social media networks to take decisive action to what has proven to be an international threat to humanity. Just a few months ago, Twitter announced that it had taken down over 130,000 accounts which were linked to terror and radicalization.

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However terror groups are still determined to use the internet to lure people to join them. As part of the resurgent effort, Taliban which is a terror group with most of its roots based in Iraq and Afghanistan launched a new Android app known as Alemarah (Al Emarah) with the help of the organizations public relations.

According to Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahed, the app was meant to promote the groups propaganda. The spokesperson who was quoted by Pashto Afghan news said that Alemarah was specifically designed to spread video content and news created by Taliban through the mobile platform. The spokesperson went ahead to say that the launch of the app was part of their technological advancement in their aim to attract a more global audience. The app was launched on April first, and many people thought that it was a joke because it was Aprils fool’s day.

However, Google acted quickly and removed the app from Google play store. Google’s policies state that apps are actually not allowed to advocate against groups of people based on their region, race, gender, nationality, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or ethnicity in which is what Alemarah was doing.

Speaking to TNW, Google spokesperson said that they usually don’t comment on specific apps, but they can confirm that they usually remove apps that violate their policies. However, Taliban spokesperson quickly went ahead to counter that statement saying that they actually removed the app from Google play store due to technical issues and added that the app will be back soon.

While talkijmkb35wedr5t26dy72ng to the media, Afghan interior minister said that the government is dedicated to stop Taliban and other terror groups from using the internet to popularize themselves. He added they are working together with major social media platform such as Twitter to shut down terror related accounts.

The terror group is desperately trying to revive itself amid recent effort by the international community to fight terror. The app was just one of many Taliban digital campaign that they used to spread propaganda and gain support. Reliable sources say that the group already has a website and an active Twitter and Facebook accounts. Their social media accounts have always been taken down, but the team has always managed to find its way back.…

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