How To Operate An Espresso Machine
Posted on: 01/02/2017, by : Rosemary Collins

No other brewing method is as complex and controversial as operating an espresso machine. In fact, if you want to control every aspect of your perfect espresso, you have to invest in a good equipment and time to practice. But do not worry; operating an espresso machine will let you make your delicious espresso at home, and by using the right technology, it’s no problem at all. Check what is the best nespresso machine and learn how to operate it.

How to operate your espresso machine’s mill

Espresso machines produced to be used at home instead for professional cafés can be very expensive too. Contrary to the obvious opinion, however, it is better to invest in a good espresso mill. The most important thing for a perfect espresso is the uniformly fine grinding degree of the coffee powder – and this can only be achieved with a good grinder.


An espresso machine is a purchase that should last a few years. Therefore, pay attention to stable housing, if possible made of metal. Check the filter carrier bayonet and all the switches and levers before purchasing your espresso machine. If something feels shaky or cheap, you should look for another model.

How to prepare a first class espresso by operating your espresso machine

The brewing temperature is, as with any other preparation methods, one of the keys to good coffee. Depending on the model, your espresso machine should not take longer than 15-30 minutes to fully heat up, so that the brewing water does not cool too much on the way from the boiler to the filter holder.

Take the filter holder out of the machine and let a little water run into your espresso. This ensures fresh water in the brewing unit (the foremost part of the machine) and warms up the cup.

Important things you should know while using your espresso machine

  • The proper dosage and the appropriate degree of grinding depend on many factors, e.g. the age of coffee or variety of beans. In addition, external influences such as ambient temperature and humidity play an important role.
  • To find the right grind, you will need several tries at the beginning. It’s normal! No reason to worry.

The right amount of coffee

  • For a double espresso, you need 18-21g of coffee.
  • Your filter should be clean and dry. The espresso machine presses the water under high pressure through the coffee bed.
  • Put coffee beans into the sieve rack, then smooth the coffee bar in a “north-south” and “east-west” movement smoothly by using your fingers.
  • Compress the coffee in the sieve rack with a tamper. The exact pressure is not of too much importance, more important, the surface of the coffee has to be straight and smooth. To avoid scratches, there are also special tamping mats and stations available.

You’re ready to use your espresso machine


It’s time! Place the filter holder into the machine, place the cup where it belongs and press Start. (If it does not work: Just try again). Disconnect the machine after 20-30 seconds.

Operating your espresso machine like a pro
  • Tip 1: Professionals weigh their espresso instead of relying on time. A double shot should weigh about 35-45g.
  • Tip 2: To skip common opinions, Espresso should be drunk as fast and hot as possible.
  • Tip 3: Espresso is the oiliest of all coffees, and oil can become rancid after a time. To avoid bitter, rancid or simply “old” taste, you should clean your machine once a week with a special espresso machine cleaner.
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