Five Ways To Cheat And Hack Agario Game
Posted on: 28/03/2017, by : Rosemary Collins

A lot of people are getting hooked into Agario, a multiplayer game wherein you need to control your cell while eating other players’ cells to create a larger one. In this note, do you want to be able to eat all the cells without being a prey to the bigger cells? This is where the Agario Hack will become relevant to the game.

Here are five ways to cheat and hack agario game

Agario Hack Codes

sdgdsfdfsdfsdfdfVisiting various online hack pages will help you collect resources needed in the game such as mass and gold for free. With the proper use of hack generators, resources will be safely loaded on your agario nickname.

Agario Hack Online Bot

Agario cheats can also be accessed online without involving any downloading activities. One major advantage of using the online hack is that you will be able to utilize the cheat codes even without using cable for your phone. These cheats can also function even if your Android phones don’t have the necessary roots or your iOS Apple phone hasn’t been jailbroken. You just need to have your nickname and go through with the battle.

Invisible Hack

Make your cell disappear from the interface of the other players by using this invisible hack. You just need to adjust the opacity value, which ranges from 0 until 10. Setting the opacity value of your cell to zero will make it invisible from other players. As soon as you have selected your desired value, you can freely move around and eat small cells and pellets unnoticed.

Speed Hack

dfdfdsfsdfdsfsdfWith this cheat, you can adjust the speed of your cell even until you have grown into a larger mass. You will become faster compared to other players, making it difficult for them to catch you. It is suggested that you use this cheat when your mass reaches 200 since it will be easier to control your speed at this point.

Size Hack

With the aid of this hack, you will be able to choose your mass even before the game starts. Since the game begins with a mass of 10, you will have a greater advantage if you begin at a large mass.

These are just five ways to cheat and hack Agario game to make the game experience easier and a lot more exciting for you. You can surely gain a new perspective by trying out these cheats and hacks.

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