How To Secure Your Business Data

What are you doing to protect your important business data?Technical failures, server issues, malicious hijacking and stealing of data and natural disasters can strike at any given moment. And this is why you need to be aware of Blue Coat which can help you protect your information. To make sure your head is above the water, always do the following to secure your business data:

Back Uppexels-photo

This is pretty obvious, and yet many people are too lazy to backup and secure their data even weekly, if not daily. When you are managing your business, make sure updates to your database, accounts, emails, and lists, orders, licenses, etc. are backed up as frequently and as regularly as you can. The future is uncertain, and although you may be mighty proud of your business, you may well fall flat on your face even if something as minor as downtime affects your sales for the day.

Take your pick from external hard drives, online backup tools as well as programs geared to automatically update your business data every day, such as CA DLP, Acronis True Image, 2BrightSparks, EMC Retrospect and much more. Make sure copies of updated data backups are kept in secure, off-site locations, always.

Use Data Encryption

As the head of your business; there is sure to be some information out there that you deem confidential. Sensitive data needs to be encrypted so that it can go undetected by prying eyes and only a select few have the privileges to access it. The best data encryption tool will serve its purpose only if data in stolen computers/ laptops still cannot be ‘cracked’ except by highly skilled individuals. Use encryption tools such as TrueCrypt, T3 Basic Security, DESlock+, PGP and FileLock to render your data truly secure and ‘tamperproof.’

Build Safe Networks

Any sekjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjalf-respecting entrepreneur will make sure that he or she has an individual or team in charge of network security policies which other employees are also expected to follow. Systems that are managed by passwords are still vulnerable to attacks by hackers and those with malicious intent. So ensure that crucial data is backed up, copies of which should be stored in separate locations, so you won’t become a dead man walking if something ever happens to one site.

Ensure and Maintain Wireless Security

Wireless networks can also be vulnerable to attacks from spies, hackers, and people with nothing better to do. Building a safe defense for your wireless network should be one of your top priorities, so use tools such as Air Magnet Inc. to encrypt your data from rogue wireless equipment and devices.…


Examples Of IT Services

An individual who has got the skills in web design can develop a site for business oriented activities. The contents of the site are further improved by use of a service which is usually online or from software which is an open source. The IT services available are under two categories namely paid and free. The IT services available allows an individual to configure the site as one pleases by employing extensions, modules, plugins or themes. The Bay Area IT Services offers different types of IT services. The following are some of the IT services available if one is considering to use in his or her business;



ghghghghghghghgWord-press is an open source and no fees are charged. It is commonly utilized by publishers and bloggers. You select the free online service and the instructions provided are followed strictly. The domain is uploaded, and one can manage his website and the same host. WordPress has developed multiple enhancements to the original software. The word-press site which is hosted independently can be customized with plugins and themes.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe is the website software that provides the function of publishing. Meanwhile Dreamweaver caters for visual site-creation tools. Dreamweaver has the capability of allowing the user to input the codes straight to the website pages. Adobe InDesign page layout is also produced by Adobe. The Adobe original suit is available in various configurations to accommodate the user’s needs.

NetObjects Fusion Essentials

NetObjects Fusion Essentials is a free design option available. The software is always downloaded in stages. It covers the importance of developing a website. It also offers the possibility of giving out instructions on how products, pictures, rotating banner and navigation tools are added.


Joomla is an open source software with many capabilities for handling the website content. The basic design is provided by the templates. Joomla power is expanded through extensions which are paid for or free of charge. The outstanding abilities of Joomla are banner management, email cloaking for security reasons, syndication of content, polls, and support for the multi-language. Meanwhile extensions caters for images, banners, social networks, chats, shopping carts and so on. The dynamic community cater for user forum, community events, and magazine and user groups around the continent.


hjhjjhhjhjhjhjDrupal is a type of web design option available which is free and variable. Its inherent capabilities are expanded due to multiple add-ons and the community support which are active. The inwardness of the software and additions which are pre-packaged for various uses are incorporated in installation profile. Drupal is robust and flexible.…

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