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Accessories That You Need for Your Car

Having a car is more than just getting a vehicle that you can use to drive anywhere and anytime, it comes with a lot of other things from maintenance to accessories. If you care about your driving experience and you wish to make the best out of it, then you should consider buying some accessories for your four-wheeled baby.


The original light that you have in your car is not going to give you the best vision for night rides. Primarily if you enjoy going out to nature where there is no street light or any other source of light, you will definitely benefit from putting on extra LED kit. Though nothing much will change if you do not use top of the line brand which is OPT7. Test it out for yourself, or read the review that comes with pictures which you can find online so you will understand what kind of vision that you will have if you decide to purchase that LED kit.

GPS System

navigationSure GPS exist on your mobile phone, but it is a safety hazard to type or look on your phone when you are supposed to concentrate on the road. You also want to use your phone at the destination and arrive with the fullest battery possible, something that will not happen if you overuse it all the time and keep relying upon it for giving you directions. GPS is a staple or a must that you need to get for your car if you wish to have a safe and effective driving experience all the time. You can look into the many options that you have and choose the one that you like the most.

Sound System

sound systemVery few people drive in silence because it can be boring, you would want to listen to something throughout your ride especially if you get behind the wheel on your own a lot of the times. From podcast to music, you should spoil your ears with the best quality sound speaker that you can get to upgrade and improve what you have initially. This purchase will go along the way to make you happy because a new and fresh sound system is an investment that you will still enjoy even after some time. It will also make you notice how bad other sound system is when you get into someone else’s car, which will make you appreciate yours.…


Bearing Maintenance Tips

If you have just replaced sealed bearing hub, you should do everything in your power to ensure that you don’t have to do a replacement again anytime soon. Go to to find out more about bearings. If you are keen to take care of a bearing, it will serve you for a very long time to come without problems.

Taking care of your bearings

1. Ensure proper installation

One of that causes bearing failure within a short period is improper installation. If yofkhgfkjgkfjgdu want to ensure that your bearing will serve you for a long time, you should take steps that will help you make sure that they are properly installed.

You should never be in a hurry when installing bearings. If you are not an expert in installation, it will be best for you to seek the services of an expert. Proper installation will save you from a lot headache in the future.

2. Proper lubrication is critical

Lubrication is very important when its comes to bearing. Lubrication not only helps to make the bearings more efficient, but it also helps a lot to extend their lives. A well-lubricated bearing will not generate a lot of heat.

Lubrication also helps to prevent the production of noise when the bearing is in use. Lubrication is something that should be done as often as possible. You should not just use any lubricant on your bearing. Make sure that you are only using the lubricants recommended by the manufacturer.

3. Inspect on regular basis to check for damage signs

Regular inspection is very important because it helps you to identify problems early. Early identification of problems helps you to take measures that will help to prevent small problems from turning into large problems.

Do not ignore any problems related to a bearing no matter how small it is. If a bearing is being used daily, you might be shocked by the speed at which the small problem can turn into a big problem.

4. Never wash bearings

Believe idgkjhkjdhfjkhggt or not, there is an individual who tries to wash bearing because of reasons are best known to them. This is something that you should never do if you want to ensure that your bearings will serve you for a long time.

Manufacture always ensure that they ship bearing that are free from dirt. There is no need of attempting to clean a bearing when it gets to your hands.…

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